Psychologist interested in cognitive neuroscience (mostly learning and attention, mostly using ERPs). I am working at Madrid thanks to a generous grant from the Madri+d Science Foundation. Previously at UMA (Málaga, Spain) and UNSW Sydney (Australia).

 @DavLuque, OSF, GitHub.

research interests

Ongoing projects explore (1) reward learning and “attention habits” formation (+info) and (2) to what extent reward-related attentional biases can be considered ‘automatic’ or ‘controlled’ processes (+info) (+info in Spanish). If your are interested in these topics, and want to work with me or just chat about them, you can contact me by email (david.luque -at-


five papers

(the full list in Google Scholar) (if you want a nice pdf copy of one of these, please write me an email)

Luque, D., Molinero, S., Watson, P., López, F. J., & Le Pelley, M. E. (2020). Measuring habit formation through goal-directed response switching. Journal of Experimental Psychology: General, 149, 1449-1459.

Luque, D., Beesley, T., Morris, R., Jack, B. N., Griffiths, O., Whitford, T., & Le Pelley, M. E. (2017) Goal-directed and habit-like modulations of stimulus processing during reinforcement learning. Journal of Neuroscience, 37, 3009-3017.

Luque, D., Vadillo, M. A., López, F. J., Alonso, R. & Shanks, D. R. (2017) Testing the controllability of contextual cuing of visual search. Scientific Reports, 7, 39645.

Luque, D., Morís, J., Rushby, J. A., & Le Pelley, M. E. (2015). Goal-directed EEG activity evoked by discriminative stimuli in reinforcement learning. Psychophysiology, 52, 238-248.

Luque D., López, F. J., Marco-Pallares, J., Càmara, E., & Rodríguez-Fornells, A. (2012). Feedback-related brain potential activity complies with basic assumptions of associative learning theory. Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience, 24, 794-808.